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The thorniest agenda item at last Tuesday’s Mono County Supervisors meeting involved housing; more specifically what to do with a moratorium on Short-Term Rentals. While the
Planning Department presented a range of options, the Board wanted more data before making any decision.

The options included no moratorium, a moratorium dependent on zoning and a moratorium on single-family units regardless of zoning. One of the goals of the moratorium was to open more housing options for the area’s workforce. But, as one commenter pointed out, a moratorium would have no impact on workforce housing since long-term rents were too expensive.

Here’s where it gets tricky. Chapter 25 of the County’s General Plan Land Use Element applies
to residentially zoned areas in the County. STRs come before the Planning Commission and
require final permit approval by the Board of Supervisors. Chapter 26 deals with transient
rentals in, primarily, more mixed-use zones and do not go before the Board unless the
Commission decision is appealed.

The County has purview over zoning and housing outside of the Town of Mammoth Lakes.

In other action, the Board approved a 15 mph speed limit in June Lake Village, based on a speed study conducted by County Engineer Paul Roten.

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