High Load on the Road

With our station located at the Wye in Bishop, we often look out the window to see large loads sitting on the back of trucks. With Highway 6 and 395 on the high route that truckers use to move loads that are too high to get under over passes on other roads, weve seen enormous yachts, vintage airplanes, and gigantic pieces of often baffling equipment for heavy industry.

Monday, we stopped by to film a large piece of gear. With insulated silver pipes, large valves, and a steel cage this load looked like something out of a science fiction movie as it sat out on Highway 6.

We spoke to the driver of the rig pulling this load. He explained that the machinery was built in Texas and headed for a gas plant in San Leandro, in the Bay Area.

At 98,000 pounds the load is relatively light for its size, the driver explained, but still too large to put on a train. At 135 feet long, hydraulics on the trailer allow the driver to steer with the back wheels and negotiate the load around turns that would otherwise be too tight.

After driving in from the Utah border, the driver walked his dog along the side of highway 6 that fills in as our local truck stop. Today he expected to drive the load south to Interstate 15, where he planned to head to I-5 and then on to the Bay Area.


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