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Hank and Matt Otten outside Copper Top.

Matt and Hank Otten outside Copper Top.

Copper Top BBQ  – By Dennis Mattinson

A restaurant here in the Eastern Sierra that serves barbecued meats over real wood, in an outdoor setting. That’s the Copper Top in downtown Big Pine. Thought I would stop by and meet the owners and try their food.

The Owners are Hank and Matt Otten. Hank came from Buena Park where he had a dairy farm.  Hank always had a dream of owning a restaurant that would serve great BBQ food.  So when the opportunity lined up, he went for it and started the business in Big Pine!

Copper Top is located outdoors towards the north-end of Big Pine on Hwy 395. It has a clear view of Palisade Peak and the Palisade Glacier.  Picnic tables with umbrellas sit by a large outdoor barbecue and smoker.  For winter customer service, Hank and Matt will put in an Outfitters tent with inside picnic tables and a wood burning stove, for cozy cool weather comfort.

I tried the various selections on the menu.  The potato salad had big chunks of russet potatoes with pickles, olives, pepper, mustard and mayo and a hint of spice. The Mac n cheese dish consisted of penne pasta with a rich tangy cheese sauce. Both side dishes were superb starters.

The pulled pork, comes off of a cushioned pork roast.  Rich, tangy, and melts in your mouth, so tender. Everything a great pulled pork should be. Lots of nice big, thick chunks of pork.

The 1/2 chicken was sweet, tender, moist with a great, but not overdone, BBQ flavor.

St. Louis style pork ribs have meat that falls right off the bone.  Rich smoked flavor, and not over sauced so the meat shines through.

The tri-tips are cooked medium and have a nice peppery, spicy glaze on the outside.  Very tender and cooked over red oak.

Uncle Matt’s Backyard Burger is a 1/2 inch thick angus beef patty with sautéed onions and cheese, lettuce and tomato. Thick and moist!

All the meats are cooked in a combination of red oak and almond wood.  The BBQ sauce is rich, and moderately spicy, with chunks of tomato.  Great for not over powering the food.  Beverages are served with High Sierra crushed ice which makes it very special.

Soon The Copper Top will begin home deliveries in the area.  Also Wi-Fi is available for the travelers.  For a fantastic, freshly made BBQ meal experience, stop by The Copper Top to eat and chat with Hank and Matt.

The Copper top is located at 310 N. Main Street, Big Pine CA.  Phone 760 970 5577

Hours of Business for Fall and Winter: Wednesday – Sunday 11 am to 6 pm.

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