Authorities remain ready to deal with heat-related emergencies

inyo_county_jail.jpgWhile weather watchers keep an eye on Death Valley for possible record heat, an Inyo County Cooling Center continues to operate in Tecopa and the Inyo Sheriff stood by to open centers in the Owens Valley if needed. At last word, people were holding their own in the blistering heat.

The world record for high temperature was set in Death Valley in 1913 at 134 degrees. Patty Thurber of Inyo County Health and Human Services is stationed at the Tecopa Community Center. She told us Sunday that the mercury had topped 126 degrees. Thurber said a few people had come to the Cooling Center, but most, she said, headed for Pahrump and the air conditioned casinos.

Last year, Tecopa reached 128 degrees. Thurber said a lot of people in the Death Valley towns are geared up for the intense heat. They stay inside during the day and venture out, sometimes, at night.

Staff from the Inyo Sheriff, Health and Human Services and Inyo Administration met last week when word went out that the temperatures were expected to soar. The big concern – possible power outages and/ or people without coolers or air conditions.

As of Sunday, the Inyo Sheriff had not received any calls from citizens in distress. Bishop Police had one case last week of an elderly woman walking who was overcome by heat. Nothing over the weekend. Authorities advise citizens to stay indoors where it is cool as much as possible and to stay hydrated.

Temperatures in the Owens Valley topped 110 degrees in places over the weekend. We will let you know if Cooling Centers are opened or any other details that may impact conditions.

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3 Responses to Authorities remain ready to deal with heat-related emergencies

  1. Desert Tortoise July 1, 2013 at 10:47 am #

    A couple of weeks ago Edison proposed to have a day long power outage in our neighborhood to perform maintenance and upgrades to the power distribution system. Smart, a planned power outage during the desert summer. At the last minute, after some residents asked the city if they had cooling centers available and they found out Edison never bothered to tell the city or the fire department about the planned outage, the outage was cancelled, to be rescheduled at a yet to be determined date.

  2. Wayne Deja June 29, 2013 at 9:02 pm #

    Back a few years ago I went to Furnace Creek in Death Valley to do a Dish-Net install when it was 124 degrees…..and getting on a modular home roof to set the antenna was a nightmare,and then going into the 65 degree home took my breath away after being outside.Glad the authorities are helping if needed with the cooling centers…When it’s this hot things can go side-ways in a hurry.

  3. Trouble June 29, 2013 at 7:01 pm #

    It’s to hot to blog!


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