Happiest Story of the New Year

The Tergesen-Seiberling family of June Lake was deeply saddened before the holidays when their long-time pet dog, Shiloh, went missing. They distributed posters with the hope that someone


Shiloh and Alsden (Photo by Lisa Schade, ICARE)

might find him. Their hopes came true over the week-end.

Earlier last week someone had called the family to say that they saw the 13 1/2-year-old Yellow Lab mix in the Pleasant Valley Campground area. With the hope that their beloved pet might still be alive, the family looked for him between Happy Boulders and Pleasant Valley Campground. They even camped out to find Shiloh. No luck.


Shiloh, Didi Tergesen, Alsden & Karl Seiberling (Photo by Lisa Schade, ICARE)

Then in days following that, two fishermen, who had seen the Lost Dog posters, found Shiloh and called the Tergesen-Seiberlings. The pet had been missing for almost two weeks. According to Lisa Schade of ICARE, Shiloh was so weak that the fishermen had to carry him to their vehicle where they called the number on the poster. The family said Shiloh had lost some weight but, otherwise, was just fine. A found dog and a full heart for the June Lake family.

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