What’s happening in Mono County

For years now, I have consistently heard from people about Mammoth this, and Mammoth that. There has been a “them versus us” mentality for years, whether justified or not. Mammoth is only ~4 square miles out of ~3200 in the County yet they have had up to ~75% of the population. With 3 Supervisors representing Mammoth, the other 25% has felt under represented.

Napa County had the same sort of problem and their Supervisors understood the need to “balance” the playing field. They had the political will to do what was right for ALL OF THE PEOPLE. Napa broke up the City of Napa into 5 districts, each extending into the unincorporated county, this creating a star or spokes on a wheel pattern. What this ended up doing was spreading the power to ALL of the County, not just centralized in one place. Go to “countyofnapa.org/BOS” for a map of Napa County.

Now after the 2010 Census, Mono County is taking a look at re-drawing all districts and they have put together a task force to come up with how this may look. Speaking with some, they are thinking traditionally about this task and keeping the “status quo”, all of the power in one central area!

I say it is time for this County to stand up and do the right thing for ALL OF THE PEOPLE. It will take a lot of “political will” by our Supervisors, several not wanting to spread their power. But as Supervisor Hazard has stated many times, he believes it is time that “All districts to share equally”. Well I say to Supervisor Hazard, here is a way to ensure that happens! Get behind this plan for ALL OF THE PEOPLE!

So what can you “Joe citizen” do? First is to research this idea I have put forth. See for yourself how this can work. Second, let your voices be heard, contact ALL of the Supervisors and let them know what you want! What we the unincorporated want! Now is our time!

Let your feelings be known to ALL Supervisors – District 1, Larry Johnson, ljohnston@mono.ca.gov. District 2, Hap Hazard, hap04@msn.com. District 3, Vikki Bauer, vbauer@mono.ca.gov. District 4, Tim Hansen, thansen@mono.ca.gov. District 5, Bing Hunt, bhunt@mono.ca.gov.

More information can be found at www.monocounty.info. Send your questions and concerns to tim@monocounty.info

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