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Eastern Sierra News for June 19, 2024





In November, the Mono County District Attorneys Office filed charges against Carol Adams for alleged embezzlement at the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Center, the bookstore at the Forest Service Visitor Center. Adams has now been sentenced in this case.

At the time of the arrest, Officer Andy Lehr with the Mammoth Police explained that the treasurer of the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association reported a $10,600 discrepancy during an audit of their records. Further investigations revealed that $11,052 was missing and that Adams allegedly left a check and an IOU in the interpretive center safe for part of the missing money.

Deputy District Attorney Kyle Graham reports that Adams pleaded guilty to felony embezzlement. Graham explained that the peculiar facts of the case led probation to recommend 500 hours of community service rather than prison time. Adams did leave an IOU for the money and admitted guilt. Graham explained that Adams has demonstrated significant remorse and has worked to pay the money back to the insurance company.