Guess What’s Going Up

Why are we not surprised about this story? Because it’s gas prices on the way up again. The Auto Club’s new report says the drop in gas prices has ended. That report says that “after watching their gas prices fall for 45 consecutive days, California consumers have seen the downward trend in fuel costs reverse course.”

The statewide average cost of a gallon of regular unleaded gas is now $2.87. Locally, the same gallon goes for $2.83 to $2.99 in the Bishop area. Mammoth Lakes – $3.19.

The Auto Club says gas prices have not made a huge jump, but the trend has now gone up. The report says a climb in oil prices has caused gas at the pumps to go up.

In fact, this week, a barrel of oil went to $80. Experts said that this would eventually influence pump prices, but more significantly, diesel, jet fuel and heating oil this winter.



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