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Eastern Sierra News for June 21, 2024





This week Bishop High School students participated in an anti-drinking and driving program called Every Fifteen Minutes, so named because someone is reportedly killed in a drunk driving accident every fifteen minutes. With graduation night ahead, the event carried a timely message.

This intense program featured a staged drunk driving accident on Pine Street where students participated as victims, both dead and seriously injured. Two wrecked cars from Bobs Auto, along with bloody students, were splayed out at the simulated accident scene.

Highway Patrol Officers, the Bishop Volunteer Firemen, and Symons Ambulance crews responded and went to work as if this were a real accident. One victim was put on a backboard and transferred to the CHP helicopter that landed on the football field for the simulation. Another student, who was dead on scene was placed in a blue body bag and driven off by the coroners van in this grisly scenario.

The student portraying a young drunk driver was cuffed by the Highway Patrol and taken away in the black and white, all the while student film makers rolled the tape to create a twenty minute short film to be shown to the entire student body.

The idea behind this live action “Red Asphalt” type of production is that people learn best through real life experience. With a real-life drunk driving accident, its already too late.