Mayor Jeff Griffiths was the top vote-getter.

Just before nine o’clock last night, the City Clerk released the final word on the Bishop City Council race. Jeff Griffiths and Jim Ellis had won. Bruce Dishion lagged just 35 votes behind Ellis.

The final count gave Mayor Jeff Griffiths 430 votes; Jim Ellis, 350


Challenger Jim Ellis beat Councilman Dishion by 15 votes.

votes and Councilman Bruce Dishion, 315 votes.

It was a low profile race with some questions from the media over the past two months. Some voters could be overheard saying they were voting along the lines of who supported the chicken ordinance or who didn’t. The most compelling issues revolved around the economy and downtown Bishop, with few substantive answers from candidates.

As for election day, voting was slow early on at the polls. A large number of absentee ballots came in. City staff counted those first and finished just after 8pm when the count of the other ballots began in the City Auditorium. A few officials ate pizza in the conference room. Reporters roamed the halls, and it was all finished about 50 minutes later.

The newly elected councilmen, Griffiths and Ellis, will take the oath of office at the next regular City Council meeting, Monday, March 14th.

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