Green Pays, Bails and Faces Charges

Kevin Green, the would-be entrepreneur who landed in jail on a Mono County fraud warrant, has now made restitution, bailed from jail but still faces a felony charge.

Assistant District Attorney Tim Kendall said that he agreed to lower Green’s bail from $100,000 down to $10,000 if Green’s parents paid $34,000 to cover the bad check their son wrote to a Mammoth resident.

In 2006, Green claimed he would buy four restaurants in Mammoth Lakes. Instead, the deals fell through and the District Attorney filed fraud and bad check charges against Green for a $34,000 check written to a local resident. The check bounced.

Green later failed to show up for a hearing in Mono Court. An arrest warrant was issued, and recently Green was arrested at the Atlanta, Georgia Airport.

According to Assistant DA Kendall, Green, himself, gave two stories on his arrest. One, that he had been out of the country attending a family wedding and was arrested when he re-entered the U.S. The other story – that he had been arrested at the Atlanta Airport after a trip to Atlanta.

Green is scheduled to appear September 8 for a pre-trial hearing in Mono Court. Green’s parents apparently bailed him out of Mono County Jail last Wednesday. He still faces felony allegations of fraud by writing bad checks.


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