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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024





Plans for a high tech soap box derby car race
in Mammoth had to be curtailed for a number of reasons. Now instead of
gravity powered cars racing down hills, the Eco Rush races will simply
be a no powered car show.

A group called Extreme Green Entertainment hoped put on a race
featuring cars built by automakers like Bentley and Mercedes, using
gravity to pull the cars downhill instead of motors like a fancy soap
box derby.

The plan was to race down Main Street before conflicting paperwork and unhappy neighbors killed this event.

Stuart Brown, with the town of Mammoth explained that the Company that
puts on the gravity race needed to have Main Street entirely closed off
to traffic for insurance purposes but the Police only wanted one lane
closed. A second attempt at find a place to race was made on Old
Mammoth Road, but with new bus service, Lake Mary Road Construction,
and neighbors who didnt want the race that location was scrapped as

Another plan to hold the races on the scenic loop escape route fell
through because of the difficulty of coordinating the various agencies
that oversee that road, Brown explained.

With the word extreme in front of this event, its possible that people
thought there would be ramps, flames and jumps but this event was more
about engineers and car fans building suped up, aerodynamic shopping

So instead of the races, the plan is to hold a gravity car show in September.