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Eastern Sierra News for June 22, 2024






The Governor wows Chamber of Commerce audience in Japan.

Taking California’s tourism message abroad, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger met with groups in Japan, South Korea, China and Australia. Rusty Gregory, Vice Chair of the California Tourism and Travel Commission joined the Governor.

With tourism as the fifth largest industry in California, the Governor set out on a trade mission to take the tourism message about our state to customers around the world. Governor Schwarzenegger spoke during a meeting with the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan. He told the audience he was there to promote California because having a great place isn’t enough. You have to talk about it.

The Governor said that Rusty Gregory, who is a friend of his, was there in the audience from Mammoth. “He owns


MMSA CEO Rusty Gregory listens to the Governor.

Mammoth which is the most extraordinary ski mountain anywhere,” said the Governor. “They have the most incredible skiing. We send our after school program there to learn how to ski. He’s not sitting back there saying he has the greatest mountain. He’s traveling around the world to talk to people about it. He’s out there promoting. That’s what you have to do.

Schwarzenegger focused on the value of a trip to California. His overseas visits also focused on his own research of high speed train options for California. He reportedly rode bullet trains in each country and looked for funds for California’s high speed rail. The countries he visited are among ten teams who will bid on California’s multi-billion dollar high speed rail system. Better ways to get around the top tourist state in the nation.