Governor Appoints A Mono Supervisor

Four months after the death of popular Mono County Supervisor Bill Reid, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has now appointed Robert Peters to fill that position until a new supervisor can be elected.


Peters, who has a background in the film and television industry, is the current owner of the Bridgeport Inn. He has also served on the Mono County Tourism and Film Commission and the Bridgeport Regional Planning Advisory Committee.

Peters explained that he was one of several people who applied for the appointment in December of 2009. He speculates that he was picked because he said that he was not going to run for the position when it came up for election in June. When asked why he wont run for the position, Peters explained that, When I ran before, I got my butt kicked. He also says that he would rather have someone younger take the position.

Peters says that he applied for the position because people in the fourth district, which is comprised of Lee Vining, Brideport, and Walker/Coleville, are disadvantaged if they don’t have representation on the Board of Supervisors. In reference to the death of Mono Supervisor John Cecil, Peters says, The exact same thing happened in 2006.

With an election in June its possible that Peters will only be the supervisor for a short period. Its also possible that with four people running for the seat, there will be a runoff. If that is the case, then Peters may have the job until November. There are currently four people running for Supervisor in District 4 – Renn Nolan, Bobby Tems, Tim Fesko, and Tim Hansen.

With the new job that may last into November, Peters says that he plans to, do what I can to help.



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