Goose Chase For Downed Plane in Bishop

Miscommunication in the fast paced world of emergency response led local law enforcement to search for a downed plane that had actually landed near Tonopah, NV.

Just before noon Thursday, Bishop Police, Bishop Fire, Chalfant Fire, Symons Ambulance, Calfire, the Highway Patrol and others were called to respond to a report of a downed yellow plane that had reportedly landed in a field near 395 and Highway 6.

With a situation in which minutes might count, emergency crews started rolling as more information came in. Vehicles spread out on the local roads around Bishop to search for this downed plane.

Further reports were called in stating that the occupants of the plane were not injured. Then it was reported that there might be minor injuries. All the while, the search continued as no one was able to spot a yellow plane, or any plane for that matter, in the fields north of Bishop.

It looks like a call back to the reporting party clarified the situation. Out over the radio rang the message to call back the troops. There was indeed a downed aircraft, but it had landed near the junction of Highway 6 and Highway 95, one number, but many miles away from 395 and Highway 6.


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