Wild Iris fundraiser: Gimme Shelter Carnival in Mammoth

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MAMMOTH LAKES, CA. – Gimme Shelter, the brainchild of local Mammoth Lakes resident Donna Richards, is a fundraising event set to take place July 8 through July 17, 2016. The 10-day event will feature traditional carnival rides, booths, games, food and much more.

This 3rd annual event is being held to assist Wild Iris, a local non-profit serving victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse, in their effort to continue offering a transitional housing program. “By offering victims and their children a safe place to live and providing them with essential services, they will have a better chance to break free from abuse, and to live an independent life free from violence,” said Susi Bains, Director of Programs for Wild Iris.

Since its inception in 2014, the Gimme Shelter Carnival has raised close to $16,000 for Wild Iris, which has used the funds to help secure a long term safe haven for victims and their children, as well as much needed services and support. “It is rewarding to see families that have only known chaos and violence thrive in a supportive and safe environment,” said Bains. “It is our hope that we can continue to grow the program so that no family is ever turned away or has to wait for an opening,” added Bains.

Richards also hopes that the event will raise awareness about domestic violence and the toll that it takes on individuals and on the community. “My own life experience is the motivation for putting this event together,” said Richards. “I have great awareness about the painful situation that exists when you have no voice” added Richards.

Gimme Shelter will take place from July 8 through July 17, 2016, in the Vons parking lot located at 437 Old Mammoth Road, Mammoth Lakes, CA. The family friendly event will be open from 4pm – 10pm on week-days, and from 12pm – 10pm on week-ends.

Pre-ticket sales are available now.  A booklet of 8-10 rides can be purchased for $20.00, and exchanged at the event for a wristband good for unlimited rides on any one day. Pre-sales are available through Tailwaggers, Black Doubt Brewing, Another Tee-Shirt Shop, The Booky Joint and Mammoth Disposal, or by contacting Richards @ 805.245.9199.

Ticket prices at the door will be $30.00. For more information, please contact Donna Richards at 805.245.9199 or Wild Iris at 760.934.2491 or 760.873.6601.

WILD IRIS is dedicated to promoting a safer community by empowering and restoring the independence of those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. Our vision is for non-violent relationships based on dignity, respect, compassion, and equality.

Wild Iris’ services are confidential and available free of charge to all cultures including race, sexuality, gender, religion, age, class, disability status, immigration status, education and geographic locations within Inyo and Mono Counties.

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4 Responses to Wild Iris fundraiser: Gimme Shelter Carnival in Mammoth

  1. MammothLocal July 11, 2016 at 12:31 pm #

    Great fundraiser for a great cause! But honestly, why on earth does this carnival have to be placed on the busiest parking lot in town? The Von’s parking lot is a challenge as it is, and now with a whole carnival there, it makes our locals and visitors very angry. I can’t wait for this carnival to leave town! Perhaps next year you can utilize the Mammoth High School parking lot (a win/win situation if you pay rent, it goes to our MUSD kids!) and it still has the town exposure to get lots of people to participate in the worthy cause. As of now, I boycott this annoying nuisance! You also owe all of the Vons employees a huge apology as they are taking the brunt of all of the complaints about this. Sorry Wild Iris, but I will have to support your cause in another way.

    • Pedro July 13, 2016 at 8:32 pm #


      Because it’s private property and the owners can use it like they see fit?

      Maybe the people complaining to the wrong folks are the ones that owe Von’s employees an apology. Take it to City Council, the property owners ,or politely ask to talk to Von’s or Wild Iris management. If you can’t manage that, pay for some psychological therapy and don’t dump on people who have nothing to do with it..

      Also….Wild Iris trying to take care of the most vulnerable students isn’t enough for you and you want them to pay rent to take care of all students? Maybe everyone that is upset should be donating to park at the school and walking to Von’s. Yell at and hug a few trees on the way, take a carnival ride before shopping and you and the Von’s employees will be much happier.

    • sugarmags July 14, 2016 at 7:43 pm #

      yes, it’s a bit of an imposition. But, it’s only going to be a couple of weeks…..I think I can deal with it, after all, it’s for a good cause.

    • erik simpson July 15, 2016 at 2:24 pm #

      I went to Vons in Mammoth about an hour ago (Friday, 2 PM), and the carnaval wasn’t in operation. Maybe there are times when it’s more crowded feeling, but I couldn’t see what the fuss is about. There aren’t ordinarily a lot of cars parked where the equipment is anyway, and I didn’t have any problem finding a parking slot. I am bemused by the amount of grumping I hear about what seems to be pretty insignificant inconvenience.


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