Geothermal Heat Comes to June Lake

It’s no secret that hot, bubbling water under the Eastern Sierra ground can generate heat, but the High Sierra Energy Foundation notes that for the first time, a geothermal heat pump system is under construction at a future Mono County business.

Rick Phelps, Executive Director of High Sierra Energy, said that yesterday marked the first time in Mono County history that a bore hole was drilled for a geothermal heat pump system. Phelps said three 400-foot bores will be drilled and will contain a heat loop totaling 2400 feet. The Energy Foundation, said Phelps, worked with the owner and offered counsel and referrals.

The project is the site of the future Sierra Retreat Center in June Lake. The use of geothermal heat is billed to save in propane costs by 50% to 75%. Phelps said that this project marks a significant event since heat pump technology is proven and is a “geothermal application that could be rolled out quickly throughout the county.”


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