Further Arraignment and Bail Review for Kevin Green

As we reported Friday, Kevin Green of Southern California was arrested and jailed in Mono County. He is scheduled for a continued arraignment Tuesday. Green came to Mammoth Lakes a couple of years ago with promises to buy many major slices of Main St. real estate and ended with an arrest warrant for passing bad checks and defrauding individuals.

Green had failed to show up for a hearing in Mono County. That’s when an arrest warrant was issued.

According to sources, Green had flown out of the country for a family wedding and on his return to Atlanta, Georgia, faced authorities who found the arrest warrants from Mono County. Local authorities arranged for extradition of Green who was transferred to the Mono County jail in Bridgeport.

In 2006 and 2007, Green made aggressive moves to buy four major Mammoth Lakes’ restaurants – Berger’s, Slocum’s, Gomez’s and Grumpy’s.

As restaurant escrows fell through, investigations revealed Green’s problems with the Alcohol Beverage Control Board and the transfer of restaurant liquor licenses, plus lawsuits filed in Southern California courts. The suits alleged that Green had mishandled money and refused to turn over accounting records.

Locally, Assistant District Attorney Tim Kendall charged Green with knowingly passing a check with insufficient funds with the intent to defraud – a felony. The complaint against Green lists a bounced check in the amount of $33,774.

Green was scheduled for further arraignment on his charge and for bail review. At last report, he remained in custody in the jail at Bridgeport on $100,000 bail.

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