Fruitcakes Return to Independence

Residents of Independence brace for the fifth annual Fruitcake Festival scheduled for this Saturday.

Fans of the much maligned fruitcake are welcome to join others who appreciated the booze soaked baked goods at the Legion Hall for this event that can fairly be called, zany.

If you like cake interspersed with barely chewable jellied fruits, this event is for you. Last year fruitcake supporters took fruitcakes to the realm of science fiction with their “Fruitcakes in Space” celebration. Perhaps celebrating the world renowned longevity of the fruitcake, this year the plan is to take a nostalgic romp back to a time when life was simple, and sandy. The going theme is Fruitcake- the sacred food of the Pharaohs.”

If you do choose to attend the fruitcake festival bring a fruitcake. Were not sure what it means, but the festival website announces Fruitcake lovers from the Lower Nile and the far reaches of the unexplored world may gain entry to the Royal Pyramid by presenting a fruitcake offering to the Pharaoh. There is also a warning that states that those that do not bring fruitcake, will be denied entry. They will then be sacrificed, embalmed, mummified and their hearts offered to Anubis.

At the first fruitcake festival, Inyo Museum director Jon Klusmire was proclaimed king of the fruitcake festival. While the poor man has tried to abdicate his throne, fruitcake fans are a persistent bunch, who have proclaimed Klusmire King for Life. This year there is talk about the mummification of the fruitcake pharaoh, which should make any royalty nervous.

The fifth annual Independence Fruitcake Festival is scheduled to start at 6:00 Saturday night at the Legion Hall. You can also check the website for more information.


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