Frigid weather warning from Inyo Sheriff


Winter Weather Preparedness

The Inyo County Sheriff’s Office has been informed by the National Weather Service that a severe cold front is forecasted in Inyo County for the next 3 to 5 days with temperatures in the teens.  Here are some helpful preparedness tips to help you get winter ready:

  • To reduce the potential for flooding please keep ditches and creeks clean and free from debris.  Sandbags can be obtained at all fire stations.
  • Keep emergency kits in vehicles, which include non-perishable food, water, batteries, battery-powered radio, extra flashlights, necessary medications and adequate clothing and blankets.
  • Be cautious during backcountry activities.
  • If travel is necessary, keep informed of road updates through the California Department of Transportation’s toll-free number, 1(800) 427-7623, or
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors and never use heating devices that are not intended for indoor use.
  • Check plumbing and make sure it is winterized.
  • Make sure pets have adequate shelter.
  • For more great tips on winter weather preparedness visit the FEMA website at
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8 years ago

Inyo County Sheriffs, What about the homeless? Wheres a shelter? Oh that’s what jail is for? Makes me sick how we all have become accustomed to doing nothing for those who really need a shelter or help. But Inyo needs (supposedly) a new court house and will probably get it… Read more »