Letter to all parents of school children

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2013 Bishop Mule Days will be here soon! This year there will be some new and exciting special activities for our local children and these activities are free! In fact, there is no entry fee associated with Mule Days, except to see the actual shows. Everyone is able to wander around the fairgrounds, visit the vendors, look at the displays and see the mules, all with no ticket required for entry to the fairgrounds. Please come to see this very special event!

For the first time this year, Mule Days is featuring a “passport program.” This fun and educational experience involves a small booklet with several different entities who are part of the Eastern Sierra, the mule industry, and Mule Days. Each of these sponsors has a page with a question to be answered by the child, after discussing it with those people in the booth. As the children make their way around the fairgrounds, they will learn interesting facts not only about mules, but about how to enjoy the backcountry, how to treat the land with respect, and about history. Each page will be stamped or stickered. When the passport is full, the child is qualified to participate in further age- appropriate activities, including performing in front of the audience. Children who want to be part of the show MUST have a liability release signed by their parents.

A schedule of events is enclosed with this letter. We want to encourage all parents, grandparents, friends and students to go to the free kids show on Thursday morning from 9:30 to 10:30, May 23 in the main arena.

Children will be given passports at the close of school Thursday, or passports can be picked up at the “I Want to be a Packer” booth , which will be located outside the main entrance to the grandstand area, close by the fishing pond. Passports may be stamped anytime all day both Friday and Saturday.

This year there will also be two opportunities for children to learn how to fish. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife will be stocking the fish pond, and Lions Club members will be on hand with equipment to use, and will be there to assist the children.

We are looking forward to this opportunity to extend a welcome to all the families in the Eastern Sierra, and those families who come to Mule Days from other areas, and are hoping that the kids will enjoy these new programs!


Carmen London


I Want to Be a Packer Events Schedule for 2013


9:30-10:30 am –Free Kids Show for Children—All Eastern Sierra elementary students, parents and friends are invited to a show for youth in the main arena.

1 to 8 pm – The “I Want to Be a Packer” booth will be open to handout Passports and badges, plus accept sign-ups for the scheduled Saturday and Sunday youth events.


ALL DAY –Visit the various booths and displays and learn while getting Passport stamped. The I Want to be a Packer Booth is open to give out passports, redeem prizes and signup youth for the weekend events.

10:30 am and 4:30 pm – Mulemanship for Kids at the Mule Days Round Pen.


After parade and between afternoon and evening show, visit booths and displays while getting Passport stamped.

4:30 pm –Mulemanship for Kids at the Mule Days Round Pen.

4:30 pm- Kids Free Fishing (ages 10-15) at the Rick Dean Trout Fishing Ponds at Fairgrounds

7:30-9pm Stick Mule Races, Main Arena –All y outh between ages 6-15 are able to participate in races. Sign-up at “I Want to Be a Packer” booth Friday and Saturday. Please note show admission is required; tickets are $13 per person. Children under 10 free with paid adult admission.


11 AM –Free Packing School for Kids (ages 10-15), West Track. Participants must have completed Jerry Tindell’s safety demonstration and completed Passport requirements. Please note parents must sign participation permission form at “I Want to Be a Packer” booth Friday or Saturday.

11 AM –Kids Free Fishing (ages 6-9) at the Rick Dean Trout Fishing Ponds on the Tri-County Fairgrounds, located adjacent to Food Alley.

1-4 PM Kids Packing Contest, Main Arena- Those that pass the Packing School training will be able to participate in the Sunday afternoon show. (Admission is free for participants)

7:30 PM Show –Pony Express Stick Mule Race –All youth 6 to 15 are able to participate in the event.(Admission free for participants)

To find out about Mule Days please call 760-872-4263 or visit website at www.muledays.org


-Quiero ser empacador de las mulas- horario por 2013


9:30-10:30 am –espectáculo gratis por los estudiantes—Todos los estudiantes del este de las sierras, sus padres y amigos de las familias están invitados a la presentación el estadio central.

1 a 8 pm – El Puesto “I Want to Be a Packer” seria abierto para que busquen sus pasaportes y los sellos, Además podrían inscribir sus hijos en actividades divertidos el viernes y el sábado.


TODO EL DIA –Pueden visitar los puestos y exhibiciones diferentes. El puesto- I Want to be a Packer- será abierto para los pasaportes, cumplirán premios y para inscribir sus estudiantes en los actividades especiales.

10:30 am y 4:30 pm – Como trabajar con las mulas para los jóvenes en el corral redondo de la feria de las mulas.


Después del desfile y entre los espectáculos del tarde y de la noche pueden visitar los exhibiciones y los puestos diferentes con sus pasaportes.

4:30 pm –Como trabajar con las mulas en el corral redondo de la feria de las mulas.

4:30 pm- Pesca gratis para jóvenes (edades 10-15) en el estanque de trucha Rick Dean al lado de la comida en el campo de la feria.

7:30-9pm Concurso mulas de madera, estadio central –Todos los niños edades 6-15 pueden participar en los concursos. In Scribe sus estudiantes en el puesto “I Want to Be a Packer” el viernes y el sábado. Nota especial, los adultos necesiten comprar entradas; $13 cada persona. Niños bajo de la edad 10 son gratis con entradas adultos pagadas.


11 AM –Escuela de como empacar las mulas (edades 10-15), pista oeste. Los jóvenes deberían cumplir el curso de la seguridad con Jerry Tindell y que han cumplido sus pasaportes. Los padres tienen que firmar una hoja de permisión antes de la participación de sus hijos.

11 AM –Pesca gratis para los niños (edades 6-9) en el estanque de trucha Rick Dean al lado de la comida en el campo de la feria.

1-4 PM Concurso de empacar las mulas para jóvenes, estadio central- Los estudiantes que han pasado el entrenamiento de empacar las mulas podrían participar en el espectáculo por las tarde del domingo. (Los que participen pueden entrarse gratis)

7:30 PM Show –Pony Express concurso con mulas de madera –Todos los jóvenes de edades 6-15 pueden participarse en el concurso. (Los que participen pueden entrarse gratis)

Para mas información de la feria de las mulas llamen 760-872-4263 o visita el sitio de la red www.muledays.org