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Sierra Bright Dot Fly Fishing Report 02-04-2021
Sierra Bright Dot Fly Fishing Guide Service

Wind is the vane of every fly fisher. Cooler sunny windy days have prevailed for most of the week. Wind takes the fun out of a day on the water. For those braving the wind, nymphs have been the most productive flies. Cold morning temperatures in the Long Valley area has made fishing tough in the upper elevation waters. Be dressed to handle the freezing morning temperatures. Hatches have been blown off the water so there has been little to no surface action. Nymphing is producing all of the action.

It’s back to bundling up in a jacket to fish the lower Owens River.

Lower Owens River:
Wild Trout Section:
Cold windy days has made fly fishing on the lower Owens River in the wild trout section miserable. Gusts are pushing casts away from the intended target. High sticking with an indicator and the wind is pushing the line causing the indicator to drag. There is some relief from the wind when your down in the river bed and sheltered by the willows and tulles. Dry flies are being blown around the surface of the water and the trout are not feeding on the surface. Nymphing is producing a few fish if you can get a drag free drift. Olive quilldigons, and bead head flash back pheasant tail nymphs are my two best producers. Midge nymphs and midge emergers are producing a few trout. I’m using tiger midges, zebra midges, Manhattan midges, and secret midges. Best time to be on the water has been from 11:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.

Hot Creek:
Interpretive Site:
Early morning temperatures have been cold making it easier to show up around 10:00 A.M when things are warming up and the trout and insects are active. When the wind lies down the midges are hatching from 11:00 to 1:00 A.M. For dry flies use biot midge emergers, and Griffiths gnats. Try trailing a midge emerger two to three feet behind the Griffith’s gnat. I’m using secret midges, Manhattan midges, and mercury two tone brassies for the emerger patterns.

Hot Creek:
Canyon Section:
Access to the Canyon starts where the plow stops plowing. It’s about a mile walk in to the canyon over hard packed snow. Getting in and out of the canyon is tricky where there is ice on the trail. Best fishing is nymphing with midges and midge pupae patterns like tiger midges, zebra midges, blood midges, Manhattan midges, top secret midge, mercury midge, and mercury two tone brassies. This is a good spot to fish a dry and dropper. I like to use a size 16 Adams parachute with a midge pattern and a midge pupae pattern. I’m fishing these nymphs on 18 to 24 inches of 5X or 6X tippet tied to the bend of the dry fly.

Upper Owens River:
Above Benton Crossing Bridge:
Access is over the snow to reach the spots on the river above Benton Crossing Bridge. Walking in with waders and boots, cross country skiing, snow shoes, and snowmobiles is necessary to access the upper river. Mornings air temperatures have been in the negatives making for very cold mornings on the river. Dress accordingly to stay warm. There is still a good population of trophy trout in the upper Owens River. These fish can be caught on nymphs like the stoner nymph, copper John’s, green/gold wire Prince nymphs, and bead head flash back gold ribbed hare’s ears fished in the deep holes, deep runs, and under the cut banks.

Low clear water and spooky fish is making fishing Bishop Creek Canal tough.

Bishop Creek Canal:
Behind the Ford Dealer:
The water is clear and as low as it gets. The trout have become skittish and require a stealthy approach not to spook them. I’m making long casts with a dry and dropper rig to keep from spooking trout. I’m fishing with a size 16 Adams parachute for the dry. For the nymph I’m fishing with olive quilldigons, bead head flash back pheasant tail nymphs, tiger midges, and zebra midges. When the wind subsides fishing Griffith’s gnats middle of the day is producing a few trout on the surface.

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