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The general fishing season ended on Monday November 15, 2021. I rarely close out the season
on a water that is closing. I don’t want to be stuck with a bad memory until the season opens the
end of April. This year found me fly fishing Crowley Lake. I decided to pull streamers all day.
Shane and I started out at six bays. Nothing, nada for us and three other anglers working the bays
with indicators. Took a quick lunch break at Crowley Lake Store. Had to have a piece of
peperoni pizza and a Dr. Pepper. Fishing the south end of Whiskey Bay paid off. Shane hooked
up with the indicator. I got three follow ups to the shore by trophy browns that attacked the
balanced perch pattern right at my feet. Managed one nice brown. This was a great day to end the
season on.
Starting on Tuesday most of the Eastern Sierra moving waters are going to catch and release
barbless flies or lures. The resort lakes like Crowley Lake, South Lake, Sabrina Lake, the
Mammoth Lakes, and June Lakes are closed tell the last Saturday in April. All other still waters
that are not associated with a resort are open to year round fishing. In Bishop Canyon that would
be Intake Two and North Lake. As always be sure to consult with California Fish and Wildlife
regulations for the water you plan on fly fishing. https://wildlife.ca.gov/Regulations.
Sierra Bright Dot owner Fred Rowe with a trophy brown trout that took a balanced perch
minnow imitation in Crowley Lake’s Whiskey Bay
Lower Owens River:
Wild Trout Section:
As of Tuesday November 16, 2021 the wild trout section of the lower Owens River went to catch
and release barbless lures or flies. Fly fishing on the river has been outstanding with easy access
to the entire river and hatches of blue wing olive mayflies and micro caddis. Best fly fishing has
been middle of the day with dry flies and nymphs. Blue wing olive nymphs like olive quilldigons
and bead head flash back pheasant tail nymphs in size 18 or 20 are producing lots of brown trout
before and during the hatch. The fish are not feeding on the surface during the hatch in all
locations. Dry fly enthusiasts need to search out those area where the trout are actively feeding
on the surface. Late afternoon after the hatch the fly fishing slows way down. Casting dry fly to
rising trout are producing a few trout. Working nymphs under indicators or on a Euro rig are
producing a few wild brown trout.

Hot Creek:
Interpretive Site:
Dry fly activity is slowing down. Midges, blue wing olive mayflies, and gray caddis are offering
sporadic hatches. Mid-morning to early afternoon is the best time to be throwing dry flies for the
selectively feeding trout of Hot Creek. Midges and blue wing olives are offering the most
consistent hatches. Drag free drifts, the correct imitation of the stage of the insect that is
hatching, and 6X tippets are required to fool these selectively feeding trout.
A drag free drift with the right fly pattern is needed to fool the selectively feeding trout of Hot
Hot Creek:
Canyon Section:
The weed beds are breaking up and there is more available water for nymph fishers to drift their
nymphs through. Fishing with tiger midges, zebra midges, and bead head flash back pheasant tail
nymphs is producing lots of wild trout for fly fishers fishing a dry and dropper or under an
indicator. Mid-day a blue wing olive parachute or a Griffiths gnat are fooling the surface feeding
Upper Owens River:
Above Benton Crossing Bridge:
Trophy trout are in the river and have the attention of fly fishers. Trophy trout are in the Owens
River system from Benton Crossing Bridge to Howard Arcularius Cabin on the River. The fish
are spread out and successful fly fishers are covering lots of water to find concentrations of the
trophy trout. The trophy trout that are actively spawning on redds should be left alone. The deep
pools and runs are where fly fishers will find they have the best luck fly fishing with nymphs and
streamers. I prefer to fish nymphs on a Euro rig for the trophy trout. I fish with stoner nymphs,
green/gold wire Prince nymphs, Butano nymphs, rainbow warrior, and hot spot pheasant tail

Upper Owens River:
Below Benton Crossing Bridge:
Crowley Lake and the upper Owens River from Crowley Lake to Benton Bridge are closed to
fishing. They will open on the last Saturday in April, 2022.
Bishop Creek Canal Behind the Ford Dealer:
On Tuesday November 16, 2021 Bishop Creek Canal went to catch and release with barbless
flies and lures. A mid-day blue wing olive mayfly hatch is providing all the action for fly fishers
fishing nymphs and dries. Before and during the hatch a size 18 olive quilldigon and a size 20
bead head flash back pheasant tail nymph fished under and indicator or a dry fly is producing
lots of wild brown trout to 12 inches. At the peak of the hatch a size 20 blue wing olive
parachute is fooling the brown trout feeding on the surface. The best time to be on the water is
from 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

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