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snowmeltThunderstorms over the past two days, coupled with rapid snow melt conditions, have caused many streams and lakes to spill out of their banks causing erosion and dangerous stream crossings.  The forecast is for this weather to continue at least through Friday of this week.

The Buttermilk Road west of Bishop has blown out and is impassable at the creek crossing two miles from where the road takes off from Highway 168.  Barriers have been erected to temporarily close the road at this point.

The road adjacent to North Lake up in the Bishop Creek drainage is covered in water in one location and campers at North Lake Campground have been advised to watch the weather and stream and road conditions and to leave if they see conditions becoming impassable.

All visitors to the local mountains, lakes, and streams are asked to use caution, watch the weather conditions, and to leave an area if conditions begin to worsen, before they get stranded on the wrong side of a swollen creek or blown out road.

For more information please call or visit any Forest Service Ranger Station or Visitor Center.