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forestrailInyo National Forest Encourages Participation in

Workshop for Forest Plan Revision  (Press Release)

BISHOP, Calif., March 28, 2013 – Following two public meetings in mid-March, where the Forest Service heard from interested public about current forest conditions and trends, the Inyo National Forest is now encouraging the public to engage in a follow-up workshop on April 4th at the Forest Supervisors Office in Bishop.  The workshop will be broken into two sessions, the first from 2:00 to 4:00 pm; and the second from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.  Participants are welcome to attend either session or both.  Those unable to attend in person are invited to participate via a live webinar and conference line.

The Inyo National Forest recently started the “Assessment Phase” of the Forest Plan Revision Process, assessing forest resource conditions and trends – relying heavily on public knowledge in addition to Agency data.  The Forest’s existing Land and Resource Management Plan was completed in 1988, and has been amended numerous times during the past 25 years.  While much of the plan is still relevant to today’s needs, some elements are in need of updating in order to meet changing demands and to incorporate new information that may not have been available in 1988.

This workshop will build on conversations from earlier meetings, with the intent of having more focused discussions and delving deeper into the details of various Forest Assessment topics.   During this Assessment Phase of the Forest Plan Revision process, the public can play a critical role in informing and elevating subjects of particular interest; accordingly, this workshop process and topics of discussion will be shaped by the attendees.  Just a few of the known topics of interest include “Role of Partners in Conservation and Recreation Management” and “Ecosystem Services and Benefits” provided by the Forest, as well as the unique Recreation Settings, Opportunities and Access on this Forest.  Socioeconomics, “at-risk species”, and Ecosystem conditions may also be discussed. The workshop(s) provide a special opportunity for the public to bring forth technical and local knowledge about these and other topics.

A webinar and phone conference line will be available for those who cannot attend in person, though it may be more difficult to actively engage in discussions due to the acoustics and the number of in-room participants.  If you wish to participate remotely, please RSVP to Susan Joyce as described below.

Please contact Susan Joyce, Forest Planner, at (760) 873-2516 or [email protected] for more information about the workshop or to register for the webinars.  More information about the meetings and Forest Plan revision is available at


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Birdy says cheeseburger
Birdy says cheeseburger
8 years ago

Had to give you a thumbs up for the humor in your post.1st I go around barriors that block connectors.Makes it challenging for my skills,test the new suspension on my dirt bike to.They make great jacks for fixing rear flat tires.2nd Lawsuits will be dragged out like Mammoth airports was for over 15 years and the Attorney$ can buy new Mercedes and Porsches.3rd Make new singletrack trails that are done right and keep you going in 1 direction so there’s no ruts or holes when it rains.4th Motocross track is already the old fashion way as long as you have the golden key from Rusty Gregory.
5th Never admit I’m a non motorized user do to small towns need every dollar spent at gas stations,small stores,bars,restaurants,motorcycle shops etc.and always help pay for the employers to provide clean bathrooms, paper towels, and toilet paper for the non motorized users like yourself.Not tooting my own horn but:motorized Rec.bring 3-1 when it comes to spending $$$$$!! Thank you Benett for posting this.I hope you laugh @ the smart A$$ remarks 🙂

J. Baconcheesburger
J. Baconcheesburger
8 years ago

Well, Your kind of on the right track there, but I challenge you to take it a step further.
We all know that the FS meetings are a dog and pony show, right? They ask for input, pretend to listen, care, etc. been there done that.
And I agree, it’s a waste of time and money to attend. My question to you is: what next? In addition of complaining on sierrawave, what do you plan on doing? Got anything particular In mind?
Maybe a Lawsuit?
Maybe going out and reopening those connectors you mentioned?
Make new ones?
Or how about unoficially reopening the motox track the old fashion way?
Now don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t advocate illegal activities in any way, but what’s good for the goose is most certainly good for the gander.
good luck in whichever you choose. I consider myself lucky, being a non motorized user, I find myself not too mixed up in all the politics.

8 years ago

Sorry, After Marty Hornicks presentation at the last mammoth meeting feb. 20 regarding closing connector trails that were mistakes, and won’t admit to it,or fix it for O.H.V users,and our handicaped guest to have a better experience on the forest like we once had on the Inyo National Forest in the past,How do you expect us to trust a change will really happen? Mono County U.S.F.S totally ignored citizens and mammoth motorcycle clubs suggestions and let friends of the Inyo go hay wire without any supervision and had a field day closing as much as they could to get hours to burn our O.H.V green sticker grant money and benefited there own pockets.Sorry not buying this scam any longer. Are you going to open the mammoth motocross track for more public use how it once was in the past too? Sorry, Not worth the gas money or time. Bring the meeting to Mammoth and maybe I’ll show up.