More than two years ago, the popular Bristlecone Visitors Center in the Bristlecone Pine Forest burned down. Today, it was confirmed that the Forest Service has awarded a contract to build a new center to AMG & Associates of Santa Clarita.schulmanvisitor

As AMG points out, more than 30,000 people visited the center each year, mostly to marvel at the world’s oldest living organisms – the trees. In a press release, AMG Associates says that construction is set to begin in early 2011. The release also says that the design of the new center will honor the log cabin style of the previous center and will “offer a 27 seat theater/auditorium, a bookstore and research library, exhibit space, a picnic area and a handicap-accessible boardwalk for viewing of the ancient Bristlecone Pines.”

The new center includes a 6,000 square foot site with a 2,100 square foot building. While crews work on the new center, the current and temporary center will continue to serve the public and access to all trailheads will be maintained.

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