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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024





Mammoth Police Chief with Ingrid and Mike Braun.

Mammoth Police Chief with Ingrid and Mike Braun when they were sworn in as Reserve Officers.

Early last year, former Los Angeles Police Department officer Ingrid Braun, who lives in Mammoth Lakes, had gone to work for the Mono County Sheriff’s Department. The deputy who trained her rated her above average, but Sheriff Ralph Obenberger terminated her one week before her probation period ended. Now, Braun has taken out petitions to run against Obenberger for Mono Sheriff.

Braun worked 21 years at the LAPD and retired as a Lieutenant. She worked as a watch commander, head of a gang and narcotics’ unit, an investigator and supervisor of an Internal Affairs unit and other tasks. Braun said she left with a good record. Her husband retired from LAPD after 26 years. The couple moved to Mammoth Lakes.

Last February, Braun said when she was terminated, Sheriff Obenberger told her “Looking at the big picture, this is best for my Department.” Braun said when she asked the Sheriff what the big picture is, he declined to say. We had asked the Sheriff for his comment. He said he could not say anything about termination of an employee.

In November, both of the Brauns were sworn in as Level One Reserve Mammoth Police Officers with duties of patrol shifts, special events, follow-up investigations and coordination of a Neighborhood Watch Program.

Now, Ingrid Braun will take the step to run for Sheriff. Sheriff Ralph Obenberger has also taken out papers to run for election. He holds his current position by appointment of the Board of Supervisors.