MLT Food Bank in Mammoth Lakes Closed | Served More Than 37,000 in 14 Weeks

The MLT Food Bank, which closed after 14 weeks on June 26, served 10,312 households containing 37,054 persons with 25,000 bags of food during its time of operation

Even as Mammoth Lakes Tourism wrapped up its community food bank, it comes on the heels of a setback: business re-openings are being rolled back as the state suffers a radically changing situation due to the resurgence of COVID-19 across the state that is largely the result of the Reopening businesses without the necessary accompaniment of adequate enforcement of face masks/coverings and social distancing. It has happened across the country, so the Eastern Sierra is not alone in this setback to opening businesses and society back to something resembling normalcy. So, the question might well become, will the food bank need to reopen. We’ll see.

196 volunteers at the MLT Food Bank donated nearly 3,500 hours of service

The shut-down order from the Governor’s Office is yet proof again that this pandemic is far from over and is far from predictable. The MLT food bank was an astounding success by almost any measure. It brought the community together while meeting one of life’s most basic needs: Food…and with it, Food Security. At a time when so many local residents were forced to stay home and unable to work, when school children were sent home for their own safety, and the forced isolation of the state’s Stay-At-Home Order turned so many lives upside-down, MLT brought together 196 volunteers who generously gave their time at the food bank, donating nearly 3,500 hours to keep things running smoothly and to help their neighbors in need.

Thank you, MLT!

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Bleach Babe
Bleach Babe
3 years ago

Maybe we should all go and hide in a Hole for 7 years