Flying Eggs At Home Street- In the Name of Science

Splattered eggs covered the pavement at the Home Street Middle School in Bishop Thursday. The slimy remains – the leftovers from an eighth grade science experiment.

This was the first annual egg drop contest in teacher Jonathan Willy’s science class.

The idea was to build a container that would allow an egg to survive a fall from a great height teaching the students not only physics, math, and design, but also, the value of duct tape.

The LADWP cherry picker, usually used to get crews up high to repair power lines, was the platform to release the various contraptions from a height close to 30 feet.

The first egg container to take flight had a large parachute made out of what appeared to be old blue prints. Parachutes were a common theme, some worked, others spilled. Some students went with the padded box design. They fall fast, but the eggs were insulated from the shock. One drop container looked like it had been packaged by the Post Office. We didn’t see if that one survived. Most egg drop containers were on the small side, but one was built out of a four foot tall box, that egg survived.

Most cartons were designed to keep the eggs in one piece, but there were a few others, shaped like bombs with tail fins, designed for the exact opposite. The eggs were placed exposed on the tip, for maximum splatter effect.

Were not sure how the containers designed specifically to break eggs were graded, but judging from the smiling faces, it appeared that everyone had a good time.

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