Floods Race Through Mammoth

Heavy thunderstorms led quickly to flash floods in parts of Mammoth Tuesday. Town officials warn that the danger of more floods continues through July 31st, according to forecasters.

Materials for sandbags were made available at the Town Yard in the Industrial Park. Officials urge citizens to go there and put together sand bags to lay down between flood water and your property.

On Tuesday, as the rain picked up in the afternoon and saturated the ground, washes and streambeds normally dry this time of year sent water flowing into town. The Village and the Sierra Valley Sites, also known as the ghetto, appeared to bear the brunt of the muddy water.

While the rain was on and off up at the Main Lodge, the precipitation was definitely on in town and on the lower slopes of Mammoth Mountain. Muddy water poured across Minaret, as that area appeared to drain directly into the Village. The Mammoth Fire Department responded and attempted to pump water that was ankle deep at the Auld Dubliner.

Fire fighters built a berm to try to divert water across the street into the parking lot, but the muddy water was deep at the Dubliner.

With blue skies to the north of town, much of the storm was directed right over Mammoth. Mammoth Creek appeared to be able to hold the excess water where it flows under Old Mammoth and through Mammoth Creek Park.

The drainage on the north side of the Sierra Sites neighborhood was a roiling creek of brown muddy water and debris. While vehicles were still able to drive through flowing water that crossed Lupine and Mono, it appeared that just about every flat piece of dirt was ankle deep. The water in one parking area on Mono Street was up to the bumper of a pick-up parked there.

Then, as is usual with these summer thunderstorms, the sky cleared, the sun came out, and residents that we spoke to reported a beautiful evening.


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