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Eastern Sierra News for July 23, 2024





Some Mammoth residents have voiced concerns over storm drainage that clearly failed during recent floods.


The day after the flooding in town, Cleland Hoff spoke with Kevin McBride who was cleaning mud out of his tri-plex on Davison St.. McBride said that he thought that more development over the years meant less water absorbed into the ground. He says that the town needs more infrastructure before more structures are built.


McBride said that he knows hes not the only one who was impacted in this round of flooding. He also says that this drainage problem is bigger than any one homeowner can handle and that the solution has to come from the government.


At the Town Council meeting, town staff confirmed that the drainage in some areas is not adequate. Kevin Scott, who lives on Joaquin St., reported to the Council that he lost a lot of things that he finds valuable during the floods, which reached 14 inches deep in his garage. He said that when he spoke with town staff about the drainage problems last summer, they were aware of the problem.



At the meeting, town staff confirmed that currently most of the culverts that run under Joaquin, Lupin, Dorrance and Manzanita are undersized at 18 inches when 36-48 inches would be more appropriate.


Scott also thought that there might be improper drainage at Sierrastar, formerly Lodestar developments upstream from his house. Councilmember Kirk Stapp asked staff to look into whether there was any illegally rerouted drainage there.


Citing the ice rink, Scott asked the Council to put priority on town infrastructure. He has filed a claim against the town for flood damages.

Whether the town pushes this issue to the front burner is yet to be seen, but as Kevin McBride said next time it rains big he could be right back out there cleaning up flood debris.



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