Flooding causing road, campground closures in Eastern Sierra

Press releases


Lower Rock Creek Road, from Pine Creek to Birchim Lane, CLOSED due to flooding. Alternate route for the community of 40 Acres is via Gorge Road. Date closed: 6/20/17

North Round Valley Road – Courtesy of Inyo County Sheriff’s Office

Pine Creek Road, west of Rovana, CLOSED due to potential for flooding. Date closed: 6/20/17

North Round Valley Road, north of Pine Creek Road, CLOSED due to flooding (bridge damage). Date closed: 6/20/17

Onion Valley Road, above Seven Pines, CLOSED – due to potential for flooding. Date closed: 6/20/17

Seven Pines cabin community, west of Independence, road CLOSED due to runoff crossing the bridge. Date closed: 6/20/17

North Lake Road, CLOSED due to runoff related road damage. Date closed: 6/17/17

Brockman Lane, between 395 and Dixon Lane, CLOSED due to flooding (runoff crossing road). Date closed 6/2/17


6/20/17: South Round Valley Road is flooded – not currently closed – anyone requiring access to this area is advised to use extreme caution.


The Big Bend Campground (Lee Vining  Canyon) and part of Lower Lee Vining Campground are closed due to flooding.

Moraine Campgrounds – Photos courtesy of Inyo National Forest

The Moraine Campground is closed due to flooding. Please see attached photos. Additionally, Inyo County has closed the North Lake Road to runoff related damage. With the warm temperatures in the forecast, please be aware of potential flooding issues throughout the Eastern Sierra.

Stay safe.


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