Staff at Northern Inyo Hospital invited the local media over today to meet the first Bishop born baby of 2009. This year there, was one baby born on Christmas Day, young Waylond Schultz, but no one was born on New Years.

It was Sunday, January 4, at 2:30 in the afternoon, that Noah John Ericson joined the world. When we stopped by the hospital, proud parents John Ericson and Annisa Moose opened their room to allow the reporters in. Little Noah, was not that little when he was born. He checked in at eight pounds fifteen ounces and 20 inches in length.

Noah John is the first child for Annisa Moose and John Ericson and the first of the New Year for Bishop.

2008 has now wrapped up, and it looks like there were a lot of babies born at Northern Inyo. Hosptial staff reports 238 young ones were born last year, with about 200 babies a year being normal for Northern Inyo.