Fire restrictions lifted

blmFire Restrictions Lifted in Eastern Sierra

 The Bishop Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management and the Inyo National Forest announced today that fire restrictions for Eastern Sierra will be rescinded Wednesday, Oct. 1

Campfire permits are still required for those camping outside of developed campgrounds and can be obtained at visitor centers or online at

Recent increases in fuel moisture, combined with increased humidity, shorter days, and cooler night temperatures
have prompted the land management agencies to lift the fire restrictions put into place earlier this summer.

Mike Beasley, interagency fire management officer for the Bishop Field Office and Inyo National Forest, urges the public to keep fire safety inusfssign.jpg mind to avoid resource and property damage.

“While we are comfortable lifting the fire restrictions at this time, we urge everyone to use common sense and exercise caution when recreating outdoors in order to decrease the chance of human-caused fires,” said Beasley.

Important fire safety reminders for outdoor activities on public lands include:

  • Prevent vehicle related fires by maintaining proper tire pressure, ensuring adequate tire tread, and checking your brakes for overheating. Avoid traveling or parking on brush or grass. Ensure chains are not dragging while towing.
  • Use of exploding targets, including Binary Explosive Targets, while recreationally shooting is a fire hazard and illegal. Use of tracer rounds while target shooting is also a fire hazard and illegal. The use of steel-core ammunition, although legal, can greatly increase the chance of a wildfire.
  • Motorcycles, ATV’s and chainsaws must have approved spark arrestors.

For further information contact Isabel Kusumoto, interagency fire mitigation specialist for the Bishop Field Office and Inyo National Forest, at (760) 872-5057.

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