July, more than 30,000 acres burned in the mountains west of Independence and Big Pine. The damage remains fully visible as spring, and the hope of some recovery, arrives.

In Onion Valley above Independence, blackened remnants of brush dot the mountainsides and burned trees still stand near the road.

Pat Ellsworth of the Forest Service told us that the agency will encourage people to stay on main roads and not disturb native vegetation recovery, He said if there is excessive bare ground with dust problems, they’ll revisit the issue.

The Forest Service will work with BLM and DWP on the issue of no off road vehicles in sensitive areas.

On another note – today the Onion Valley trail head road was closed at the 7 Pines tract. It appears that heavy rains brought down a whole cover of big rocks and boulders.

Apparently the road will remain closed until county crews can clean up the rocks.


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