Fire Points to Insurance Needs

Recent conflagrations in Inyo and Mono have dredged up concerns over adequate homeowner’s insurance protection.

The frighteningly close disaster of the Inyo Complex Fire and the June Fire brought many of us up short to face a harsh reality. We live in wildfire country, and we need to get ready.

The Auto Club sent out some information that fits into this scenario. It’s all about homeowner’s insurance and doing what needs to be done to protect your belongings.

AAA says that many California homes remain underinsured. So, they urge us to evaluate insurance policies. One suggestion – document your belongings before tragedy strikes. Do an inventory of your home, either with photographs or a videocamera. Then, store the visual records in an off-site location. These kinds of records are considered invaluable to receive proper compensation for loss.

As for homeowners’ insurance, AAA says that you should take a look at the amount on the declarations page of your policy called Coverage A. This is the limit of insurance of the cost to completely rebuild your home in the event of a covered loss. The Auto Club suggests that you consult your insurance representative on this.

Another item to check – Limtied Replacement Cost Coverage. This could increase the limit of your policy. They say this kind of coverage is particularly important following a major disaster.

Something to think about as we watch fire ravage the west.


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