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P1040803Mammoth Lakes Fine Arts and Crafts Festival Celebrates its 42nd Year

August 1-3, 2014


Mammoth Lakes, Calif. — Mammoth Lakes will be teeming with activity as the 42nd Annual Mammoth Lakes Fine Arts and Crafts Festival comes to town the weekend of Friday, August 1 through Sunday, August 3, 2014.  The free event, which runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day, will give attendees the opportunity to meet with talented artists and artisans from throughout the western United States as they present their original works against the majestic background of the Sierra Nevada mountains.


The Mammoth Lakes Fine Arts & Crafts Festival takes place on the grounds of Kittredge Sports, at the corner of Highway 203 (Main Street) and Forest Trail in Mammoth Lakes. On display will be a wide variety of arts and crafts including photography, watercolor and oil paintings, ceramics, jewelry, woodwork and much more. This year’s featured artists include:


Vern Clevenger

Studio: Mammoth Lakes

Medium: Photography

His Art: Landscape images

Creative Process: Vern’s photos truly capture the spirit of the Sierra Nevada from the perspective of an artist who has lived and worked in the Sierra Nevada for over 30 years. As Vern’s lifelong love of the mountains found an artistic outlet, he graduated from 35mm to large format cameras. He also developed meticulous darkroom skills and established a long-term dedication to the Dye Transfer process. Ever an inveterate mountaineer, Vern Clevenger still hauls heavy 4 x 5 cameras all over the High Sierra. His traditional choice of equipment requires significant time in the field to set up shots that show thoughtful consideration of subjects and demonstrated care for composition. It also allows Vern to capture and recreate beautiful, true color with the finest detail and impart strong aesthetic statements.


Robert Fleming

Studio: Indio, California

Medium: Watercolor

His Art: Portraits of the desert landscape and desert animals

Creative Process: Bob began his painting career at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City and was also a graphic designer for television station KTVW in Oakland. The wet-in-wet technique of Bob’s original watercolors has a fresh and spontaneous feeling. The aspect of Fleming’s work that catches one’s attention is the action poses of the animals as if they are modeling for the artist to take their portrait. Bob also likes to paint the plant life of the desert landscape, capturing the unique aspects his subjects by taking interesting angles of the landscape to make them more appealing and eye catching.


Kevin McGinnis

Studio: Encinitas, California

Medium: Sterling and gold

His Art: Jewelry

Creative Process: Kevin, a professional jeweler, artist and educator for over 41 years, creates pieces mostly from sterling silver, 14kt & 18kt gold and copper sheet and wire. “My work is in a constant state of eclectically morphing from piece to piece. I’ve shown my work at art shows in over twenty states and my studio has been set up in over ten states. I owned a jewelry gallery in Breckenridge Co. for years. I’ve trained several apprentices over the years, some who went on to become professional jewelers. My studio has always been the center of my home, my life evolving around it.”


For more information, contact Kittredge Sports at (760) 934-7566 or Pacific Fine Arts Festivals at (209) 267-4394 or You can also see more information on Facebook at and on Twitter @PacificFineArts.


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