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Eastern Sierra News for July 20, 2024





Mono County’s Board of Supervisors got some good news at Tuesday’s meeting: FEMA is
headed to the area to begin assessing damage from the record breaking snow storms that have,
literally, split the County in half.

Chris Mokracek, director of emergency management, explained the visit will focus on
determining if damage throughout the County “meets the threshold” of an emergency. The
agency will relay its decision later this week, but Mokracek has little doubt the damage and on-
going conditions will meet that threshold.

Once that determination is made, FEMA will begin the process of setting up public assistance
centers, one in Mammoth Lakes and another in Bridgeport, to begin processing requests for
help from residents. Services will include help for those under-insured or uninsured, ranging
from repairs and temporary housing to repairing roads that are not part of the County system.
Virtual assistance is also available on the Mono County website. Assistance will also be available for condominium owners.

A good indication of some road conditions, the vocabulary used to describe some situations
includes “punching through,” as opposed to simply “clearing.” The current goal for some roads
in south county is to open up at least one lane.

Bridgeport has its own, unique concerns focused on its currently overwhelmed sewer system.
The County is working with FEMA with the knowledge the area will have to be evacuated if the
system issues can’t be resolved.

While areas of the County are dealing with mountains of snow, communities to the south are
already dealing with early run-off as day time temperatures hit the 70s. To deal with that
potential disaster, 20,000 sand bags are available. Messaging for this weekends’ fishing season
opener will focus on iced-up lakes and the dangers of high and fast water levels in rivers and

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