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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024





Friday afternoon, Mono County Search and Rescue Volunteers, CHP, and Mono Sheriffs Deputies were called out to a tragic vehicle accident on the Tioga Pass Road above Lee Vinning.

Shannon Kendall with the Mono Sheriffs Department reports that 55 year old Candice Richards-Diedrich was on her way to visit her daughter in Mammoth Lakes Thursday night when for unknown reasons, she lost control of her vehicle and drove off the steep and winding Tioga Pass road in an area known as the Blue Slide.

When she did not arrive in Mammoth Thursday night, the daughter went looking for her mother, finding the vehicle on Friday. The vehicle was close to 1000 feet off the roadside, according to CHP officers.

Due to the steepness of the terrain, Mono County Search and Rescue had to set up rappels to get to the vehicle and extract the deceased victim from the wreckage.

What caused the accident isnt known, but Kendall reports that the victims watch stopped between 7 and 8 oclock Thursday night.