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Meghan Miranda


Although Mammoth Lakes is still asking future visitors to abide by the state’s stay-at-home order, the town is looking forward to welcoming anglers back to recreate in our beloved mountains soon. As restrictions are slowly lifted, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about fishing in Mammoth Lakes and the surrounding areas.

When the stay-at-home order is lifted and it is safe to travel again, please make sure you follow the COVID-19 etiquette and safety guidelines for recreating in Mammoth Lakes. Learn more about restaurants and retail stores in Mammoth Lakes as local businesses begin to reopen. More information and answers to FAQs about hotels will be available soon.

Is Mammoth Lakes open?

Mammoth Lakes and the rest of Mono County are aligned with the governor’s statewide stay-at-home order, which prohibits short-term rentals and recreational travel at this time.

Is fishing in Mammoth Lakes be permitted?

The 2020 fishing season opened on May 23. Some waters and boat access areas may still be closed. Check the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website for specific regulations. A fishing license will need to be obtained before casting your line.

Are boat launches in the Mammoth Lakes area open?

Some boat access areas may still be closed due to COVID-19. Check with each boat access area for details.

Where can I purchase a fishing license in Mammoth Lakes?

California fishing licenses are available at the following Mammoth Lakes retail stores. Check with each store before you visit as hours of operation and available services may have changed due to COVID-19:

Are guided fishing services in Mammoth Lakes currently operating?

Guided fishing services in Mammoth Lakes are not permitted to operate at this time.

When will fish stocking take place in Mammoth Lakes?

Fish stocking in Mammoth Lakes is scheduled to resume at the end of June. The same annual budget for fish stocking has been allocated for waters in the Mammoth Lakes area as in previous years.

Will bathrooms at trailheads, campgrounds or boat launches be open?

Services, including restrooms, throughout Mono County and the Inyo National Forest are extremely limited at this time.

Can I rent or purchase fishing equipment at retail stores in town?

Mammoth Lakes retail stores are open for in-store purchases and rentals as well as curbside pick-up. Check the store’s website or contact the store directly for more information about hours of operation and available services.

Am I required to wear a mask in Mammoth Lakes?

Masks are required for all indoor activities in Mammoth Lakes. For outdoor recreation, the Mono County Public Health Department requires masked be carried at all times and worn when passing people outside of your household on trails and town paths. Learn more about COVID-19 recreation etiquette and guidelines here.

Are any fishing derbies or events happening in Mammoth Lakes?

Many Mammoth Lakes events have been postponed or canceled due to COVID19. Reach out to the event coordinators for more information about each event.

What campgrounds are open in Mammoth Lakes?

U.S. Forest Service campgrounds are closed until June 30. Privately run campgrounds and RV parks in Mono County are permitted to open as of May 29. Check with each campground to learn more about opening dates and available facilities.

What if I have a backcountry permit or a campground reservation before June 30?

The U.S. Forest Service will begin issuing backcountry permits for the Inyo National Forest, with the exception of Mt. Whitney, using a new online reservation system beginning June 1. Campground reservations before June 30 and Mt. Whitney backcountry permits may be canceled by the U.S. Forest Service at any time.

Are hiking trails open in Mammoth Lakes?

While U.S. Forest Service hiking trails are open, the state’s stay-at-home order prohibits recreation outside of your local area at this time. For this reason, Mammoth Lakes asks that you postpone your visit until the state’s stay-at-home order is lifted.

Is the road into the Mammoth Lakes Basin open?

No, the road to the Mammoth Lakes Basin is closed until at least June 30. However, anglers are permitted to access lakes and trailheads in the Mammoth Lakes Basin on foot or bike.

Is the road into the Reds Meadow open?

No, the road to Reds Meadow is closed until at least June 30. However, anglers are permitted to access lakes and trailheads in Reds Meadow on foot or bike.

Is Yosemite National Park open?

The road from Mammoth Lakes to Yosemite National Park (Hwy. 120/Tioga Pass) is currently closed. The park will reopen June 5 only to guests who hold a backcountry permit.

What transportation options are available in Mammoth Lakes?

See the COVID-19 Transportation Safety page for more details.

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