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Eastern Sierra News for June 20, 2024





Every year, some of California’s peace officers lose their lives in the line of duty. In past years, that fate has fallen to Inyo County with the loss of Bishop Police Officer Rich Perkins and CHP Officer Paul Pino. So, it is with a personal note that local law men traveled to Sacramento last week to honor officers killed in the line of duty.

The Mono County Sheriff’s office provided us with photos of the California ceremony in Sacramento, which honored 19 officers killed in the line of duty. 10 of those honored actually lost their lives between the early 1900s and 1960s. The discovery was recently made that they died in the line of duty. The other 9 officers honored, died in 2007.

Attending the ceremony for the Eastern Sierra were Mono County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Phil West and Inyo County Sheriff’s Department investigator Craig Oyster. Both officers took part in the mounted detail portion of the ceremony hosted by the Sacramento Police Department’s Mounted Unit. Sgt. West with his horse, Abby and Investigator Oyster with his horse Norco. They joined a group of 70 mounted officers from around 40 agencies in the state.