After Measure U Committee concerns and lots of public comment, the Council voted unanimously for a loan from Measure U.The Mammoth Town Council meets Wednesday night with a closed session at 5pm on bankruptcy issues and labor negotiations. The regular meeting starts at 6pm.

The agenda lists year-end reports for Mammoth Lakes Housing, Eastern Sierra Transit Authority and Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public Access.

Under policy matters, the Town Council will consider project funding and contracts for the Mammoth Gateway Community Project.

Council members will also consider extending the current Development Impact Fee Reductions. Last August, the Council approved what they called a temporary reduction in DIF. The local Contractors Association asked for the reduction to help stimulate the economy in a time of building slowdown.

Town planning officials recommended that the Council continue the temporary DIF reduction for another year for certain projects. The Agenda Bill says that last fiscal year eleven projects out of a total of 532 permits were subject to the DIF reduction. The Town waived a total of $286,992 dollars in fees. This was more than projected due to a large commercial project, Rock N Bowl. A number of applicants said the reduced fee helped them move forward.

Planners reported that it is “clear that the DIF waivers have had a positive effect on the Town’s economy and have encouraged several projects to move forward that wouldn’t have otherwise.” The Agenda Bill goes on to say “It is important to note that the Great Recession has significantly reduced building and construction activity.”

If the Council approves this proposal, fees would be reduced on residential construction of up to four units and new commercial projects.

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