What role do volunteers play at Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care, our community’s wildlife rehabilitation facility? Learn all about volunteer opportunities by attending a free Orientation on Sunday, March 16 from 1-3 PM at ESWC’s Care Center at Keough’s Hot Springs. Call ESWC at 760-872-1487 to reserve a spot.

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Volunteers are vital to ESWC’s mission to rehabilitate orphaned and injured wildlife and to educate the community about their local wildlife. Volunteers who want to work with the animals can rescue, reunite and transport them, feed and clean at the Center, learn medical skills, work with our education animals, or be a foster parent by caring for babies at your home. Two training workshops are required for volunteers who choose any aspect of animal care.

Those who do not choose animal care can help in dozens of different ways: fundraising, publicity, photography or mailings; filing, facility repairs and maintenance or outreach projects like barn owl nest boxes. They can answer phones, screen cages, or do supply runs. We need help with social media.

Jobs can be big or small. For example, during baby season, one volunteer prepares our baby bird diets at home and delivers to the Center, giving 4-6 hours a month. Rescue volunteers respond to calls when they can; some have specialized skills and equipment for climbing trees for rescues or returns, others receive training in capture skills. Some volunteers work events, like Wild Spirits, while others help with event preparation. Give whatever time you have to give; there is a niche for everyone.

Give ESWC a call at 760-872-1487 and reserve your place now for the Volunteer Orientation, Sunday, March 16, 1-3 PM .


Photo captions: 1. Hungry baby mink laps up formula from his ESWC foster “mom.”

2. ESWC volunteer, Dmitri Barton, climber and arborist, prepares to rescue 2 Great Horned Owl babies from their nest that is under attack.

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