Enjoy the 4th of July in Mammoth, but no personal fireworks

Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection press release

All fireworks are prohibited in the Town of Mammoth Lakes, regardless if “safe and sane” or not. In addition, personal use of fireworks is prohibited in the non-incorporated areas of Mono County, on the Inyo National Forest (INF), and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands.

Due to HIGH FIRE DANGER resulting from recent high temperatures and large anticipated holiday crowds, both the Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District and Mammoth Lakes Police Department will enforce a “zero tolerance” policy with respect to the possession and use of fireworks. Fireworks violations will be strictly enforced.

Due to the wet winter that the Town of Mammoth enjoyed, there is an abundant crop of grasses all over town and throughout the county. The grass species will efficiently carry a fire quickly into other vegetative species resulting in the possibility of a well-established fire. Depending on temperature, time of day, and wind, the incident could threaten lives and property.

Enjoy and celebrate the holiday in a safe and responsible manner, and feel free to attend the scheduled Fourth of July firework shows. There will be fireworks shows on Saturday, July 1 at the summit of Mammoth Mountain, in The Village at Mammoth on Monday, July 3, and Tuesday, July 4 at Crowley Lake.

With hot temperatures, the snow at the higher elevations is melting and the creeks in the Eastern Sierras are rising. The creeks are filling their banks and in some cases overflowing and resulting in property damage. The swiftness and the cold temperature of the water, while inviting can be very dangerous. Be watchful of children, pets, and the closeness of anyone in your party to the stream channel. Respect the velocity and strength of the streams, recognize that being in the water has the potential of being life threatening, enjoy the beauty from a distance, and stay safe.

For additional information on either of these items, please contact the Mammoth Lakes Fire Department at (760) 934-2300 or the Mammoth Lakes Police Department at (760) 934-2011. Please enjoy our national holiday in a safe and responsible manner.


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