Energy Use: Slow Change of Habits

How we use energy. It’s a long-time habit that current thought and realities have challenged. Can we all use less power? Rick Phelps, Director of the High Sierra Energy Foundation, says it takes a basic cultural change, one that will develop slowly over time.electronic_gadgets

Phelps explained that the Foundation hopes to help people in the Eastern Sierra think differently about energy use, but he underscored the importance of gradual change and a reasonable approach.

“I think one of the biggest frustrations in society today – we get into these either/or situations. Efficiency means turn off all of your appliances in your house. Do all of these things that are very uncomfortable. I know people won’t do it.”

Phelps said while some insist on 100% renewable energy use, a portfolio with a gradual increase of renewables makes more sense. He pointed to all of the gadgets most use today – computers, ipods, cell phones, electronic games. “It’s a huge chunk of energy. People aren’t going to get rid of those devices, so we have to be more energy efficient.”

A lot to consider in these energy-changing times. For more information, go to

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