ML Tourism end of year report

urdiThe good news? Mammoth Lakes Tourism has reported that July through November of 2011 brought in the highest transient occupancy tax revenues in the past seven years. The less than good news? December through June of 2012, TOT was down 15% compared to 2011. But, better news is that taken alone, June of this year was up 18.5% compared to last June’s TOT. Mammoth Lakes Tourism Director John Urdi also reported to the Town Council that July is “on pace to set another record fast approaching $1 million.”

Residents of Mammoth Lakes hardly know how to respond to all of this since the dreadful news of the huge MLLA debt still hangs fire. Urdi remained upbeat as he told the Council that his organization has worked to collect TOT along with the Town. Urdi said that Mammoth Town government has issued more than 140 new transient occupancy tax certificates, collected more than $220,000 in new TOT revenue and opened nearly 200 cases for follow up regarding illegal rentals.

Urdi once more declared success for summer of 2011 air service. He pointed to Mammoth Lakes Tourism’s contribution of $417,000 toward 2011 air-related matters. Urdi offered research data when he reported that for every dollar Mammoth Lakes Tourism spends on direct marketing, $136.13 is returned to the community in visitor spending and $4.02 returned in tax revenue to the Town.

In his end of the year report, Urdi said that the organization expanded a$1.1 million marketing budget value to $6 million through cooperative advertising, partnerships and value-added contracts. Joint promotions took place with KCBS Radio, Yosemite National Park, Alaska Airlines, Extreme Pizza, the Price is Right and others. Plus, segments on Mammoth Lakes aired on NBC’s Today Show with articles in other media.

The big question currently unanswered – how will a settlement with MLLA impact funding to efforts like Mammoth Lakes Tourism? More information on that may come out within the next two weeks. The Town Council scheduled another special meeting and closed session on bankruptcy proceedings for this evening at 5:30pm.

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4 Responses to ML Tourism end of year report

  1. Jeff September 10, 2012 at 5:41 pm #

    Your FB page has been at the same fan number for a year… more BS from the over paid green horn from MLT. I know your reading this Pal!

  2. Dogs Bone September 10, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

    Its all hypothetical numbers, like all Tourism organization, they point to indirect correlations and site data that they take credit for but have no proof was due to their efforts. By siting a report that says “Visa Credit Company” saw xxx spend in the area does not mean that it was because they saw a blue smurf logo somewhere and decided to come here to Mammoth. But they will take credit for that revenue nevertheless, and cite plenty more like it.

    You did have me laughing with the modern day Jesus comment. Oh, and the TOT generated is more due to economic factors, but i love how he takes credit for TOT being up. Does he also take credit for when its down (like this past winter?) Don’t think so… only site the good and never mention the bad. Like a politician, i wouldn’t trust anything out of his mouth! If you do, you might end up with some land out by the airport…


  3. Fool me once! September 9, 2012 at 5:15 pm #

    The answer to MLLA settlement is right in front of us. Give Mr. Urdi 10 million and he’ll return 40 million in tax revenue to the town. A modern day Jesus this tourism director, just think what he could do with four fish.

    My only question is where did the”Mammoth Lakes Tourism’s contribution of $417,000 toward 2011 air-related matters” originate?.

    • Big AL September 10, 2012 at 6:50 pm #

      Hmmm good question?


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