Emergency repairs at effluent system in Bridgeport

Mono County Sheriff’s Office press release

The Bridgeport Public Utility District (BPUD) is experiencing a snow melt ground water intrusion into the effluent system.

This intrusion has resulted in the need for emergency repairs in at least two locations.

The BPUD is working to bypass and repair the problem with additional resources and private contractors.

There is no danger to the potable water delivery system and the Bridgeport Paiute Indian Colony is not affected by these circumstances.

The BPUD is requesting residents of Bridgeport curtail their water consumption to relieve the down system impact while bypass and repairs are implemented.

It is anticipated the condition may extend for forty-eight hours. Again, the drinking water system is not affected.


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Mono Person
Mono Person
5 years ago

The community is really coming together with this emergency. Thank you to all the volunteers and others that have come out to fix the pipes. Thank you to the people that have baked cookies and got drinks to the guys. I love this small town – This is why we… Read more »