Elm leaf beetles defoliate throughout Inyo-Mono

Residents throughout the Eastern Sierra have noticed what looks like dead elm trees in many areas.  A Bishop resident expressed concern about brown or missing leaves on elms along Line Street and elmbeetleBarlow Lane.  Inyo-Mono Deputy Agricultural Commissioner John Schrader points to elm leaf beetles.

Schrader said the beetles are common pests in the Eastern Sierra.  Their defoliation of elm trees is widespread this year.  Schrader said their destruction has been seen as far north as Lee Vining and south into the Owens Valley.

Both the adult beetles and larvae defoliate and skeletonize the elm tree leaves.  Schrader said homeowners can hire one of many local pesticide companies to protect their elm trees.  Schrader added that the health of the elm trees can also help protect them with proper watering and even use of a systemic insecticide.

The Ag man said it’s also important to rake up and remove leaves where the elm beetles hide out and winter over to start their destruction again in the spring or summer.

Schrader said the elm leaf beetle has been around here for years.

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  1. Eamon October 2, 2011 at 6:43 pm #

    …..And if I recall correctly, Inyo County, the City of Bishop, and LADWP use to spray the elms for the bettle but due to funding no longer provide that service. Unfortunately for John Schrader watering the elms does nothing to keep the bettles at bay. If there’s an infected tree nearby a healthy elm is more attractive to the bettle and will attact it anyway. I say remove the (Siberian) elms; they are not native trees, harm the environment, soak up tons of water, and are extremely messy.


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