By Deb Murphy

Preliminary election results from Inyo and Mono counties indicate no change in the Bishop City Council but a new 4th District Supervisor in John Peters with a 55 to 45-percent win over Mono incumbent Tim Fesko.

With the passage of Prop. 64 legalizing recreational marijuana state-wide, Inyo County residents approved three advisory ballot measures in essence giving the Board of Supervisors a green light to look at cultivation and distribution of both medical and recreational marijuana as well as levying a 5-percent tax on recreational marijuana business in the unincorporated parts of the county.

Other results:

Mono County local elections, with 55 percent of the vote in

Hillary Clinton carried Mono County with Kamala Harris in a decisive win over Loretta Sanchez for the state’s U.S. Senate seat. Paul Cook beat out Rita Ramirez for the 8th House of Representatives seat. Republican Frank Bigelow carried the 5th state Assembly seat.

Doug Smith, Vikki Bauer and Cheri Bromberger won seats on the June Lake Public Utility Board of Directors. Kathryn Mandichak beat Gary Nelson for a seat on the County Board of Educaton.

Inyo County local elections, with 64 percent of the vote in

Inyo went for Donald Trump, Harris and Cook. Republican Devon Mathis will return to the 26th District Assembly seat. The Bishop City Council incumbents, Laura Smith, Jim Ellis and Pat Gardner were all reelected. Incumbent John Ungersma retains his seat on the Northern Inyo County Healthcare District but Phil Hartz beat incumbent Denise Hayden for the Zone 2 seat. Susan Patton and Marjianne Younge retained their seats on the Lone Pine Unified School District boards; Nathan Reade and Sandra Anderson won seats on the Owens Valley school district board.

Measure F, the Southern Inyo Fire Protection District’s supplementary special emergency response tax passed.

State-wide Propositions

Prop. 51, the $9 billion school bond initiative passed state-wide, according to preliminary results, but failed in Inyo and Mono counties.

Prop. 52, the Medi-Cal hospital fee initiative carried both counties and the state

Prop. 53, a $2 billion bond measure passed in Inyo but failed by a slim margin statewide and in Mono County

Prop. 54, requiring advanced Internet notice prior to a vote on legislation passed across the board

Prop. 55, extending income tax for education and healthcare passed state wide and in both counties

Prop. 56, the $2 tax on tobacco products passed across the board

Prop. 57, allowing parole consideration for non-violent felons passed across the board

Prop. 58, ensuring English proficiency in public schools won easily

Prop. 59, a legislative advisory question aimed at overturning the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v Federal Election Commission, removing limits on corporate and union political spending, passed state-wide and in Mono but not in Inyo County.

Prop. 60, condoms for porn stars failed

Prop. 61, state prescription drug purchases failed

Prop. 62, repealing the death penalty failed

Prop. 63, requiring background checks on ammunition purchases passed but failed in both Inyo and Mono counties

Prop. 64, recreational marijuana passed

Prop. 65, a complicated carryout bag charge initiative failed statewide and in Mono but passed in Inyo

Prop. 66, procedural changes for death penalty sentences passed but failed in Mono

Prop. 67, banning single-use plastic bags passed, but not in Inyo

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