Over the past weekend, the Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care center received an injured Golden Eagle from south of Benton.goldeneagle
This fully mature raptor may have been poisoned. An x-ray showed no pellets lodged in the body, but the bird’s talons are clenched . Skandar Reid of Sierra Wave talked to Cindy Kamler, director of Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care on the status of the Golden Eagle.

Kamler said the eagle was found on the side of the road between Hammil Valley and Benton. Some passersby rescued the bird that was standing on the road side, disoriented. Kamler said an examination of the bird found no fractures but did find clenched feet.

So far no one has figured out why the big bird’s feet are clenched. Kamler said this can be a sign of poisoning or a bruising of the spinal cord. The good news – the Golden Eagle remains strong and is eating.

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